The company from the very beginning has been committed to the construction of buildings and reconstruction, renovation. So far, Ltd. “Garants-Rīga” carried out a full cycle of primary construction (foundation, walls, floors, etc.) sites, as well as all the finishing works (plastering, painting, tiling internal and external works, floors, windows, doors, etc.). The special internal works (engineering), and external communication of development project are subcontractors fulfilled, but in recent years the company has become a General contractor and attracts countless sub-contractors to carry out the build cycle from 0 up to the interior.

The company is a perennial cooperation with experienced specialist subcontractors (about 40 companies) engaged in:

• Design,

• construction supervision and field supervision,

• internal work operation,

• restoration

• elevator assembly,

• construction of external engineering networks,

• spatial planning,

• street and sidewalk construction area,

• etc. aerial work.


The company has entered into numerous agreements with material supply firms in Latvia and abroad. All our work that has been carried out to customers are issued with a 2 year warranty.

Building materials that are used have been approved by Latvian certificates and declarations of conformity.