About us

After the end of World War Two, state civil construction organizations were established in the territory formerly occupied by the USSR with a view to rebuild the country and fulfill the five-year plans in construction.

Thus in 1952 the present company’s predecessor – the 58th construction service with general contractor functions was established within and sub-ordinate to the con­struction industry of the Latvian SSR.

After the collapse of the USSR, the independence of the Latvian state was renewed in 1990 and our construction company was registered as a state enterprise under the name “Garants”, continuing to carry out the functions of a general contractor.

With the start of the privatization process in the country, our con­struction company was one of the first to privatize in 1993 and changed from a state enterprise to a privately held construction company “Garants-Riga”, owned by a small group of the com­pany’s experienced engineers. The company underwent corporate restructuring taking into account the eco­nomic situation in the country, and extended its area of operations to include reconstruction and building repairs.

In 1995 the company obtained a con­struction license.

The construction company “Garants-Riga” has been well known in Latvia for the past 45 years. Several hundred buildings in Riga and the surrounding area visually evidence its history of growth. These are large residential housing districts with schools, shops, kindergartens, city and national scale health facilities, sports and recreational buildings, hotels and prominent administrative buildings. The company’s achievements include such unique buildings as:

  • Concept of reconstruction  for shopping center “Ščecina”, 2015
  • Hotel on Kaļķu street 20, Riga, project redesign management, 2014-2015
  • Low-rise apartment building complex, O. Kalpaka street 20/22, Jurmala, 2008
  • Residential building in Jaunsvirlaukas parish, 2007
  • Holiday house in Varnukrogs, Jurmala, 2007
  • Holiday house in Priedaine, Jurmala, 2007
  • Typography “Britany’’, 2007
  • Residential building on Silaraju street, Pinki, 2006
  • Residential building in Zvejniekciems, Saulkrasti, 2006
  • Residential building on Lives street, Riga, 2006
  • The residential building on 29A Graudu street, Riga, 2005
  • Residential building in Ieksciemats, Sigulda, 2004
  • Housing estates “Lielpriedes”, Pinkos, 2003
  • District Police Department of Riga, 2002
  • Seamen’s Club on Katrinas street, Riga, 2001
  • Exhibition Center „Kipsala”, 1997
  • Cultural Center “Imanta’’, 1995
  • Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, 1992
  • Latvian Academy of Sciences, library of J. Misina,  1992
  • Big Mezaparks stage, 1990
  • Latvian Academy of Medicine, 1987
  • Riga Technical University, 1983
  • Congress Palace of Riga, 1982
  • Hospital Complex Gailezers, 1980
  • World Trade Center ‘’Rīga’’, 1974
  • Palace of Culture VEF, 1958

Reconstruction concept for shopping center “Ščecina“